Meet Our Team

Thomas Bartz
Tom has 20 years of global experience with Exxon, BP Oil, and Tesoro Petroleum. In the oil industry, Tom created, operated, and managed business units that generated in excess of $950 million in annual revenue. Tom managed thousands of people and retail facilities in the US. He has spent the last 17 years in technology
Tom Ryan
Tom spent many years at Boeing as a software engineer, before spending 12 years at Microsoft during its greatest growth stage. At Microsoft, Tom worked on a number of global projects tied to financial and deployment systems. Tom has been CTO and Enterprise Architect at Accelitec for the last 14 years.
William Parker
Pioneering his own analytic-centric approach to branding, William has consulted for some of the biggest brands in the business. Proctor & Gamble, the US Marine Corps, Ford, CVS, Home Depot, and LG have benefited from his brand strategies for growth, which have fundamentally shifted consumer attitudes and behaviors.
Richard Homan
Richard HomanDirector of
Richard is an innovative leader within the alternative investment, trading, and banking industries. He has over 20 years of structured finance and proprietary trading risk management experience. He has served as Global and North American and European Regional Heads of Risk Management for leading US and European Banks. He served as Global Head of Risk Management for UBS’s fixed income proprietary business and the former Fixed Income Proprietary Trading Business. He began his career working for Salomon Brothers’ Fixed Income Arbitrage business. Education: Harvard University (2018 Master’s in finance candidate)
Kelly Tyler
Kelly Tyler founded and presided over Mad Catz, Inc from 1989 to 2000 in which time Mad Catz grew from nothing to be the world’s largest video game accessory company. Kelly is Partner and Manager of Anascape Ltd,. Anascape has a portfolio of intellectual property.

Business Advisors

Rousseau Anai
Rousseau AnaiSenior Managing Director for Cantor Fitzgerald
Andrew Austin
Andrew AustinSVP for Mansfield Oil
Jie Liu
Jie LiuPartner and AI Research Manager for Microsoft
Mark Wallace
Mark WallaceFounder and Managing Partner of MWRS
Frank Sinton
Frank SintonFounder and CEO of Beachfront Media
Dr. Sachin Ohri
Dr. Sachin OhriFounder of HOIC Holdings and Managing Director of LDJ Capital Asia


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