A7.Core Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happens to your business and financial forecasts if the market experiences a downturn like 2008-09?
A: The A7 business model is recession resistant. Consumers must buy groceries and petrol no matter what their demographic. When economy's experience problems brand/CPG promotions conversely experience greater consumer participation. The 2008-09 meltdown saw a spike of 30-40% in consumer promotion, offer, and coupon usage.


Q: What leads A7 Core to believe it can be successful with its business?
A: A7 Core’s management has built technical and business relationships over the last 10+ years with most all the incumbent competitors to A7 Core. We know market shortcomings, technology gaps, and how to exploit them. Most importantly; our platform exists, so it’s a matter of scaling the business, not building a product and trying to find customers.


Q: How secure is your cashflow stream?
A: A7 Core has 5 distinct revenue streams that cover both transaction and subscription models. Given the 50 years of consistent brand/CPG promotions, consumer’s reliance on discounts, and continued usage within digital environments, this model will likely continue. Our substantial cost reductions to brands, we are confident in adoption and continued usage.


Q: Why would your customers (Brands/CPGs) buy what you're selling?
A: Cost, Performance, Fraud and Intelligence. The brands have no choice but to convert more processes and consumer interactions to digital. Traditional players and processes have moved partially to digital but still have several clunky, digital, analog, costly, and burdensome processes still in place. These legacy methods expose brands to additional fraud and since digital scales so quickly, so has the potential of fraud. Brands are not confidant their current partners can leverage digital without significant fraud. Additionally, brands need accurate, more timely data to better adjust campaigns and optimize performance based on live shopping habits. A7 core offers these solutions, answers brand’s needs, and live from day one; all at a price point that’s extremely competitive.


Q: Can’t the existing players in this space just make adjustments to their business to stop or better compete with A7 Core?
A: At launch, A7 Core will be 4-5x cheaper, more secure and provide better more timely data back to the CPG/brands. Additionally, A7 has multiple new capabilities currently absent in the market. More importantly; A7 is a clean sheet, low overhead, low cost competitor. Incumbents historically cannot or do not undermine their existing revenue streams quickly.


Q: What stops others from entering this space to compete with A7 Core?
A: A7 Core is in a unique position. A7 Core has integrated into most all point of sale and back office systems within global retail. Along with this, our platform has integrated to most CPG/brand content distributors and associated clearinghouses. There is no one company that has this capability in the market today. That’s why Google, Microsoft, Catalina Marketing (No.1 Brand/CPG content aggregator) and many others have come to rely on the A7 Platform. Furthermore, a subsidiary of Kroger and a direct competitor to A7 Core has recently requested help integrating to a new POS platform.


Q: What’s your macro strategy for making your financial forecasts?
A: Given our product exists, our strategy is to overwhelm the industry by making more meetings and building more relationships with brands than any other competitor by EOY 2018. Our product is superior to the competitors and 4-5x cheaper, therefore the brands have everything to gain and not much to lose by putting offers into play via our platform. Once each brand experiences results that match their goals, brands tend to push a solution onto others including retailers within the ecosystem. We are raising the appropriate amount of growth capital to hire the best talent from competitors and brands to ensure success.


Q: How are you going to find quality talent so you can quickly compete in the market?
A: Management has decades of retail and retail technical expertise. Over this time, A7 Core has collected a strong network of candidates. Furthermore, management has senior people at brand/CPGs and competitor companies wanting to join the team as they, like we believe, that the current market model must change if they are going to better compete with the likes of Amazon and Alibaba globally.


Q: Why will Brands continue to use your solution?
A: Our product will be superior to the competitors and 4-5x cheaper thus the Brands have everything to gain and not much to lose by putting offers into play via our platform. Once each Brand experiences results that match their goals, Brands tend to push a solution onto others including retailers within the ecosystem. This means forcing our competitors to distribute offers via our platform as well. Beyond this we will provide Brands with real-time product movement data, something very few have access to currently in the market.


Q: How secure is your system and what happens if you have a data breach?
A: We employ the top transaction and data security methodologies in the industry today. Google Engineering, Microsoft Research (MSR), Catalina Marketing, Fujitsu Global and many others have performed detailed due diligence on our systems and software code before relying on our platform. Additionally, our blockchain methodologies have been live in the market for over 5 years and our platform has never been hacked. We always keep up with the latest security architecture and methods given our clientele. Beyond this we do not need to keep consumers personal information for our platform to deliver results.


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