Dr. Sachin Ohri - A7Core Business Advisor

Dr. Sachin Ohri

Founder of HOIC Holdings and Managing Director of LDJ Capital Asia

Dr. Sachin Om Ohri runs HOIC Holdings, LLC U.S.A and serves as a Director of Asia Pacific for LDJ Capital. Dr. Sachin Ohri has been raising funds for several years in Asia, specializing in various industries such as real estate, biomedical research & finance, and the fin tech & blockchain industries.

In addition, Dr. Sachin Ohri has been focusing his recent efforts in technology-based enterprises, as well as raising private capital for commercial real estate and development in both the North American and Asian markets. On the marketing and sales side, Dr. Sachin Ohri has spent time as a managing director for both the diamond industry and mobile application platforms in China. After spending the past two years in private equity of medical devices and fundraising for media tech sectors, Dr. Sachin Ohri has become more active with private equity funds, mainly keeping to roots of fund-raising but also recently managing some funds in the land development/ real estate sectors, as well as the biomedical research & stem cell sector. Dr. Sachin Ohri is active in several charities in Asia and USA, as well as Doctors Beyond Borders in China, while also staying active in the fine arts community of Shanghai, where he has helped established several concerts of Western arts, music and influential exchange with the Far East.



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